Business Potential
Promotional Products Printing: High Potential Business with Low Investment
Printer Lease Direct makes starting a promotional products printing business easy! You will be printing t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, mobile phone cases, mouse pads, tote bags, ID cards and more in just minutes! Much like printing with an ordinary computer printer, operation is simple and easy to learn.
You do no need to pay any franchise fee or expensive business opportunity package; all you need to get started is the printer. You will start generating income as soon as you start working. We provide complete step-by-step setup guide as well as technical support.
Market Potential
Promotional products is a huge $23 billion industry in the US. You will be a part of this fast growing market.
Recession Proof
An industry survey shows promotional products is a recession proof market, and you can start generating income from month one. The printer lease cost pays for itself in just a few orders.
Income Potential
How much you make depends on how hard you work. Beyond that, consider the following basic cost factors. You set your price and you can figure out what your profit will be like based on your expense and overhead.
Blank White Tee: $1.50
Digital Ink Cost: $0.50
Total Direct Cost: $2.00
  (Example prices based on July 2015 industry averages)
We provide complete step-by-step guide on all aspects of the printing operation. When you finish training, you will have the comfort and confidence you need to get your printer up and running.

Lease your printer today and be a part of this lucrative business!